Sisse (Zuzanna) Deitszer

akt ur. Sisse-Cecylii Deitscher

Sisse (Zuzanna) Deitscher’s birth certificate part 1

akt ur. Sisse c.d.

Sisse (Zuzanna) Deitscher’s birth certificate part 2

The daughter of Szymon Deitszer and Cyrla née Wolf, born on 20 May 1824 in Kalisz; died on 6 October 1893 in Warsaw.

akt ślubu Sisse Deitscher

Sisse Deitscher marriage certificate

On 2 September 1847, Sisse married Dawid Poznański in a synagogue. The marriage certificate stipulates her name as Sisse vel Cecylia. In her mother’s death certificate and on the tombstone, she is referred to as Zuzanna. After she was married, she moved with her husband to Włocławek and later to Warsaw. When Dawid Poznański died, Zuzanna stayed in Warsaw.

Zuzanna and Dawid’s grave is located at the Jewish Cemetery on Okopowa Street (sector No. 26, alley No. 7, plot No. 8).