Karol Gębicki

Henryk Goldszmit’s uncle

akt ur. Karola Gębickiego

Karol Gębicki’s birth certificate

A merchant, the owner of a currency exchange bureau, the son of Józef Adolf Gębicki and Mina née Deitszer, born on 19 December 1853 in Kalisz; died probably before 1927 in Warsaw.

In 1874, he moved to Warsaw together with his parents and sister. Here, he married Tekla (Teresa) Lewental. In 1880, his first son, Osip, was born. At that time, they lived at 36 Krakowskie Przedmieście, and in the birth certificate Gębicki was described as a merchant. Two years later, the family lived at 3 Kozia; there, their daughter Bronisława (1882) and their son Stanisław (1884) were both born. The father was already an owner of a banking and exchange bureau, situated next to Hotel Saski (37 Krakowskie Przedmieście). He dealt with currency exchange, loan insurance, the sale and purchase of mortgages, etc.

His death certificate has not been preserved. We can assume that he died before 1927 as his wife’s obituary did not mention him (Nasz Przegląd 1927, No. 136). On the basis of the signature, however, it can be concluded that the Gębickis had more than one daughter and that in 1927, they already had a granddaughter. It was not possible, however, to determine their identity.