Tekla (Teresa) Lewental

Henryk Goldszmit’s maternal aunt

The wife of Karol Gębicki, born around 1858; died on 17 May 1927 in Warsaw.

In the recovered birth certificates of her children, Osip (1880), Bronisława (1882), and Stanisław (1884), she figures as Tekla née Lewental. However, in the obituary published in Nasz Przegląd (1927, No. 136), she was called Teresa née Lewental Mrs Karol Gębicki. On the basis of how the obituary was signed, we can conclude that the Gębickis had more than one daughter and that Teresa had a granddaughter. The identity of these persons, however, has not been confirmed in any documents. Moreover, we can suspect that Karol had died earlier because he was not listed among other relatives, left “in deep sorrow” (Nasz Przegląd 1927, No. 136).

Teresa Gębicka was buried in the Jewish Cemetery in Warsaw on 19 May 1927. A requiem mass was conducted on the first anniversary of her death, and the tombstone was blessed, the news of which was published in the press by her mother, children, and family (Nasz Przegląd 1928, No. 135). The grave has not been found.