Aleksandra Cecylia Rajner

Henryk Goldszmit’s cousin

akt ur. Cecyli Rajner

Aleksandra Cecylia Rajner’s birth certificate

The daughter of Leon Rajner and Mindla (Magdalena) née Goldszmit, born on 3 September 1858 in Lublin; died on 29 April 1942 in the same place.

The child was registered in the Registry Office by her grandfather, a Jewish surgeon, Aron Rajner, who “declared that since the child’s father left for a journey, he cannot participate in the act. The certificate was read to the appearing parties, but due to Shabbat, it was signed only by the clerk.” The child was named Cecylia. Aleksandra is probably the name she took when she was christened in the Roman-Catholic church. Cecylia converted from Judaism to Catholicism, and on 23 November 1890, she married Antoni Gołębiewski. The wedding ceremony took place in Warsaw, in the All Saints’ Parish although the bride and the groom lived in Lublin. Aleksandra lived at 8 Rynek Street, and Antoni at 172 Krakowskie Przedmieście, both in the Saint John’s Cathedral Parish. On the basis of authorisation from the assistant curate of this parish, the marriage was blessed by Teofil Maliszewski, the parish priest. Perhaps some circumstances kept the couple in Warsaw, and they could not postpone the wedding as six months later their daughter, Janina, was born in Lublin. Their younger children, Aleksander and Kazimierz, were also born in Lublin.

Aleksandra Cecylia Gołębiewska’s death certificate can be found in the registers of Saint Michael’s Roman-Catholic Parish in Lublin.