Cyrla Wolf

Henryk Goldszmit’s great-grandmother

The daughter of Natan Wolf and Zyska née Zanders, born in 1800 in Kalisz; died on 30 June 1845 in the same place.


akt ślubu Cyrli i Szymona Deitscher

Marriage certificate

akt ślubu Cyrli i Szymona Deiczer - c.d.

Marriage certificate


On 25 July 1821, she married Szymon Deitszer. The witnesses were the Brokmans, who were relatives of both the bride and the groom. It is clear from the marriage certificate, that Cyrla was illiterate.






Death certificate


Cyrla gave birth to five children, two of whom (Mindele and Wolf) died in their infancy. In the birth certificates of her children, she is also called Cyrla née Natt or Cyrla née Natan. In keeping with the Jewish tradition, the mother of Henryk Goldszmit inherited her name Cecylia (the Polish equivalent of Cyrla) after her grandmother. In Cyrla’s death certificate, the first time the names of her orphaned children appear in the Polish version: Zuzanna (Sisse) and Ernestyna (Estera). The third daughter, Mina, was later Henryk’s beloved grandma – Emilia