Dawid Poznański

Sisse (Zuzanna) Deitszer’s husband

A doctor, the son of Saloman and Ryfka Poznański, born in 1818 (or 1822) in Kalisz; died on 22 September 1876 in Warsaw.

As a young man, he attended the Warsaw Rabbinical School (Szkoła Rabinów). After he graduated, he left to study abroad. He earned his medical diploma at Leipzig University and started his work as a doctor in the neighbourhood of Kalisz.

On 2 September 1847, he married Sisse (Zuzanna) Deitszer in Kalisz. After a few years, the couple  settled down in Włocławek. There, Dawid Poznański earned his reputation for his honesty and professional dedication. He was also the initiator and protector of the local elementary school for Jewish children. In 1874, he fell seriously ill. Two years later, he moved to Warsaw to regain his health, but he died after a couple of months. He was remembered as “one of the most educated and talented doctors in the country” (Izraelita 1876, No. 38). He was buried at the Jewish Cemetery on Gęsia Street (today named Okopowa). Zuzanna and Dawid Poznański’s grave has survived in an excellent condition and can be found on plot No. 8, sector No. 26, alley No. 7.