Hinda Rotman

Henryk Goldszmit’s great-grandmother

Her name is known only from the death certificate of her daughter, Chana Goldszmit, dated 1867. It is not certain that her surname was Rotman. This is the name given by Jakub Goldszmit as his mother’s maiden surname in the documents of his second marriage to Eugenia Budzyńska, which took place in Boston in 1910. In the Massachusetts Marriage Records, the field for “Maiden Name of Mother” contains the name “Annie Rotman.” Earlier, in February 1887, Jakub stayed in Budapest, and his address was “T. Cz. Rotman Arm. Urnak, Budapesten VII, Akaczfantcza, 37.” This also confirms the belief that the Rotmans were family relatives on Chana Rajs’s side.