Maurycy Gębicki

Henryk Goldszmit’s great-grandfather

A doctor (surgeon), born in 1780 in Piotrków Trybunalski; died after 11 January 1853, probably in Koło.
According to Maria Falkowska’s research (Biuletyn ŻIH 1997, No. 1), he pursued medical studies in Erfurt. He graduated and received his diploma on 20 March 1808. He is mentioned in his son’s obituary, published in Izraelita (1887, No. 23) as “an honest, knowledgeable, and experienced doctor.”

He married Anna Rozalia. According to the birth certificate of their first child, Józef, in 1826 the Gębickis lived in Pyzdry, in the Konin District. In 1828, Julian, their second son, was born, but unfortunately, he died when he was eight years old.

At Józef’s wedding, in 1853, Maurycy was already a widower; he lived in Koło and lived off his own means – he was 93 years old at that time.