Szymon Deitszer

Henryk Goldszmit’s great-grandfather

A tailor, the son of Izrael Deitszer and Fogela née Mojżesz, born in 1801 in Ostrów [Wielkopolski]; died on 1 November 1869 in Kalisz.

On 25 July 1821, “at five o’clock in the afternoon, at the Kalisz Registry Office for Jews and Greek Catholics in Kalisz,” he married Cyrla Wolf, “a maiden, living with her father in Kalisz.”

The spelling of this family surname was not uniform. In Szymon and Cyrla’s marriage certificate alone, the name is spelled as Deitscher, Deitszer, and Deytszer. The groom himself signed his name as Simon Detczer. The couple had five children: Mina Wolf (died a couple of months after birth), Estera, Sissa, and Mindela (who died when she was one year old). According to the marriage certificate, they were both related to the Brokman family.

akt ślubu Cyrli i Szymona Deitscher

Marriage certificate of Cyrla and Szymon Deitscher

akt ślubu Cyrli i Szymona. c.d.

Marriage certificate of Cyrla and Szymon Deitscher. c.d.

akt zgonu Szymona Deitschera

Szymon Deitscher death certificate